Marketing with Stories: Spotlight on Andrea Parness, CPA

Have you heard the buzz about “Story Selling” or using the power of marketing with stories to attract more high-quality clients to your firm?

Is it worth the effort?

Join us in this quick interview with one of our elite members, Andrea Parness, CPA of A. Parness Company to learn how she has been applying what we cover together in the All Access Pass live online monthly sessions.

Grab a cup of coffee and in less than 10 minutes (7:45 to be exact) learn how she has used success stories in her practice to, among other things, remove downward price pressure and spread the word about her services.

There's a bonus tip in this interview about what Andrea is doing to build her referral partner network as well. Did you catch that?

What can you do to build success and attract top quality clients to your firm?

Take what you can from Andrea's experience and try to apply it to your situation on your own. Or, you could do what Andrea has done and join us for the next All Access Pass live training and coaching session and ascend the Leading Edge Ladder for yourself.

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Have you used stories in your marketing yet? What results have you seen so far?

How Can We Compete Against Outsourced Accounting and Automated Bookkeeping?

The way in which many small businesses are getting their bookkeeping and accounting done is changing. With the convenience of online technology and the Internet making the world a smaller place, you may find yourself feeling like this colleague. He emailed me asking how can we compete…

“I received an email from an Indian-based company offering all things accounting / bookkeeping via internet at £6 per hour. So as we are going more and more automated and not requiring to live local to clients, how can I compete?”

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How to Combat Feeling ‘Pushy’ when Winning New Clients – Part 2

How Can We Combat These Feelings of Being Pushy? – Part 2 

In part 1 of this topic, How to Avoid Being ‘Pushy’ when Winning New Clients, we discussed how the objections and concerns we imagine, as an accountant, the prospect will have; they're all in your mind as a result of not believing in your own value, not as something coming from the prospect.

We must overcome these self-made objections. We, first of all, need to convince ourselves of the value of our offering. Secondly, we need to convince the prospect of the value we have to offer them.

Let's focus on the first one of these as it is an absolutely critical issue. It is a scenario that I refer to as winning your first client, also known as “Selling to Self”

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How to Avoid Being ‘Pushy’ when Winning New Clients?

This is part 1 of a 2-part article

Firstly, let’s consider the word ‘pushy’ and who it is thinking you are pushy?

Is it the potential client that is thinking you are pushy or is it you who is thinking you are pushy?

Part 1 – It’s All In The Mind

Most of the time, objections that defeat the accountant are in the mind of the accountant and not in the prospect’s head.

As an accountant, when you go and try to win new work, the doubt, the objections and concerns, the price resistance; it’s all with you, and not with the prospect.

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How to Talk About Pricing with a New Client

How to talk about pricing is a key subject when winning new clients.

Knowing how to tackle the pricing issue is a micro-science in its own right. This article will highlight some of the key points for you to consider when talking about pricing in your prospective client conversations.

Introducing Price at the Right Time

When we introduce price, bear in mind that at first, it would be the only thing that the prospect is trying to find out from you because at that point there is no relationship, no rapport, no empathy and no connection.

From the prospect’s point of view, they are thinking about the fact that they already have an accountant. You are another accountant and they cannot differentiate between the two. So the only way they can immediately make some kind of differentiation is in terms of price.

Since that's the way they are thinking, they will be pushing you for a price. Please do not give in to that pressure. There are ways and means to get around this and handle the situation. Most important is the need to employ the effective use of language, including the psychology involved in that.

There are two approaches you can use effectively to answer the question of pricing early in the conversation.

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