Advisory Service Packages: What Do They Include?

Have you been trying to move toward that highly exalted ideal of ‘Trusted Advisor' and come up with advisory service packages to attract more clients?

If you've felt stuck and not sure exactly how to do this, you're not alone.  Embracing change amid the disruptive changes in our profession is not easy.

In fact, this is the question that was asked in one of our All Access Pass member meetings recently. Here's a 3-minute video clip where you can listen in. It may spark some ideas on where to begin when you want to create truly effective advisory service packages that will distinguish your practice from the competition.

Advisory Service Packages Notes:

Member Question: What Would You Include in an Advisory Service Package?

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How to Spot A Time Waster Early in the Sales Process

There are a number of clues that you can look out for to spot a time waster early in the sales process.

Firstly, we have to take people at face value. If they say that they are interested, we have to believe they are interested. We have to believe they are looking to change accountants until we can prove otherwise.

However, there are a number of things that we can look out for in this early stage:

Take notice of how quickly they agree with you in the meeting.

When you meet them and are talking with them, watch out for people who are agreeing with absolutely everything you have to say. This means that they can ensure the meeting is over and done with quite quickly.

This can often be a sign that people are looking to get you out of the door rather than seriously considering changing to you.

They have brought you in to find out who you are, what you do, and how much it costs. Often, they then go on to talk to their own accountant about it afterwards. Once they have had that talk about another accountant with their existing one, they look to get a discount from them.

Signs to look out for:

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How to Combat Lowballing and Win New Clients

A major challenge that we all face is the struggle to win new clients. It is important to know that you are not on your own in this. There is no silver bullet way of winning new clients but the question to ask is how do we stand the best chance of winning new clients?

We must understand and influence the laws of probability in our favour to win more clients than not win them.

So how can we combat lowballing against those competitors who offer a very poor service for a very cheap price? Here are the steps we can put in place to combat this problem.

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How Do Accountancy Practices ‘Frame’ What They Sell?

How accountancy firms frame what they sell is an extremely important question. The answer to this question is one which I feel very passionate about.

The issue of ‘framing' is a critical one. It is an area that I wish more practices understood. Many don't even realize that they need to ‘frame' in the first place.

Framing the conversation is a tremendously useful way of focusing the potential clients on what the conversation is about.

When you first meet, the prospect will:

1. Know little about accountants.
2. Know what their current accountant does so they will be measuring you with the same stick.

If you can do a lot more for them than their current accountant, it will take a longer time to educate them with this new information.

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How to Convey the Value of Your Firm through Your Website

Your firm's website will typically showcase the services that you offer but it will not necessarily convey the value of your firm through the website.

With the services that you offer being compliance based, people who seek you out on the Internet are more than likely looking for a more simplistic quote. They will be looking for a compliance-based service, with no grid level of advisory involved.

It is typical that people who are looking in this way will be driven by their principle search motivation of ‘price'.

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