Marketing with Stories: Spotlight on Andrea Parness, CPA

Have you heard the buzz about “Story Selling” or using the power of marketing with stories to attract more high-quality clients to your firm?

Is it worth the effort?

Join us in this quick interview with one of our elite members, Andrea Parness, CPA of A. Parness Company to learn how she has been applying what we cover together in the All Access Pass live online monthly sessions.

Grab a cup of coffee and in less than 10 minutes (7:45 to be exact) learn how she has used success stories in her practice to, among other things, remove downward price pressure and spread the word about her services.

There's a bonus tip in this interview about what Andrea is doing to build her referral partner network as well. Did you catch that?

What can you do to build success and attract top quality clients to your firm?

Take what you can from Andrea's experience and try to apply it to your situation on your own. Or, you could do what Andrea has done and join us for the next All Access Pass live training and coaching session and ascend the Leading Edge Ladder for yourself.

What? You don't have your copy of our proven success map – the Leading Edge Ladder?  Then download your copy here. (It's free)

Have you used stories in your marketing yet? What results have you seen so far?

How to Progress Your Prospect Without Being a Pushy Salesman

The question of how to progress a prospect without being a pushy salesman is one I hear all too often. This is a concern that comes up for so many of us in the accounting profession. The reason for this comes from us being of a fairly technical background coupled with a reactive way of working. As a result, we don’t generally get used to proactive business development efforts. It is easy to see how anything we do, in a proactive way, makes us feel like we are being pushy, even when we are not.

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Case Study: How Accountants Can Improve Client’s Lives

“We Do It For The Hugs”

In my 21 years of working in the accounting profession, the highlights have been when practitioners understand that the highest fulfillment of their role as technical professionals is ‘mutual improvement'. In that they work to improve the lives of their clients and by doing so, improve their own.

This scenario happens much more often than is ever reported, published or marketed. When I get to hear about it, I'm keen to do all three as quickly as possible. So, the ‘letters page' today features a person who walks their marketing talk. They write to tell us:

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