Marketing with Stories: Spotlight on Andrea Parness, CPA

Have you heard the buzz about “Story Selling” or using the power of marketing with stories to attract more high-quality clients to your firm?

Is it worth the effort?

Join us in this quick interview with one of our elite members, Andrea Parness, CPA of A. Parness Company to learn how she has been applying what we cover together in the All Access Pass live online monthly sessions.

Grab a cup of coffee and in less than 10 minutes (7:45 to be exact) learn how she has used success stories in her practice to, among other things, remove downward price pressure and spread the word about her services.

There's a bonus tip in this interview about what Andrea is doing to build her referral partner network as well. Did you catch that?

What can you do to build success and attract top quality clients to your firm?

Take what you can from Andrea's experience and try to apply it to your situation on your own. Or, you could do what Andrea has done and join us for the next All Access Pass live training and coaching session and ascend the Leading Edge Ladder for yourself.

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Have you used stories in your marketing yet? What results have you seen so far?

Marketing Your Accounting Firm Successfully

Marketing your accounting firm successfully and what works for you in marketing will differ from practice to practice. We cannot say that one size fits all and that your marketing is always going to be email marketing. You will not always use email marketing because our inboxes are all so busy and it is such a saturated method of marketing that your emails will not always get through. In an area where nobody uses the email for marketing, you will be unique. So there is no one size that fits all.


“What is the best way to market yourself in your accountancy business?”


Marketing Your Accounting Firm

The Cycle of Marketing

The rule to use here is this. We want to look for high consistency, high probability of conversion forms of marketing.

When I talk about high consistency I mean that you are continually marketing. For many firms that do a little bit of marketing, they may generate some leads from it. Typically, they can then become overwhelmed with the amount of work they've got to do to win their service. They then gain a client and get on with that but in the meantime, they lose a client. They then realise that they haven’t done any marketing for a while and turn the machine back on again and it then takes a few months before any leads come through again. It is like a roller-coaster effect, up and down.

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