How Do Accountancy Practices ‘Frame’ What They Sell?

How accountancy firms frame what they sell is an extremely important question. The answer to this question is one which I feel very passionate about.

The issue of ‘framing' is a critical one. It is an area that I wish more practices understood. Many don't even realize that they need to ‘frame' in the first place.

Framing the conversation is a tremendously useful way of focusing the potential clients on what the conversation is about.

When you first meet, the prospect will:

1. Know little about accountants.
2. Know what their current accountant does so they will be measuring you with the same stick.

If you can do a lot more for them than their current accountant, it will take a longer time to educate them with this new information.

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How to Convey the Value of Your Firm through Your Website

Your firm's website will typically showcase the services that you offer but it will not necessarily convey the value of your firm through the website.

With the services that you offer being compliance based, people who seek you out on the Internet are more than likely looking for a more simplistic quote. They will be looking for a compliance-based service, with no grid level of advisory involved.

It is typical that people who are looking in this way will be driven by their principle search motivation of ‘price'.

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How to Use Psychology to Build a Rapport with Prospect Clients

A question that I am often asked is, “How to use psychology to build rapport with prospective clients?”

The wrong approach would be to tell you about the different tricks, techniques, tactics and strategies that you could use in your meetings with prospects.

How to Build Rapport with Prospective Clients


When we are meeting with potential new prospects…what is essential is for us to be sincere, genuine, kind, honest, empathetic, and create resonance and a rapport with them.

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How to Know When a Sales Lead is Dead

How to know when a sales lead is dead will depend on each individual case.

There will be different courses of action depending on each stage of your prospect pipeline.

There will be:-

  • Prospects that you never get to meet
  • Prospects that you had your first meeting with but never had a second one.
  • Prospects that you had a second meeting with and even presented a proposal, but no one made a decision and the situation was left to drift.

How to Qualify When a Lead is Dead

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How Much Detail is Required for a First Meeting?

How much detail is required for a first meeting is a question I am asked very often and one I always like to answer.

You would think there would be a hard and fast answer to that but it really does depend on each and every individual case. Let me qualify this by explaining a bit more.

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