How To Convert Your Sales Pipeline

How to convert sales pipeline

I am often asked the question about how to convert your sales pipeline and if there a specific sales funnel we should be looking at to convert leads to clients?

The answer is “yes there is” and the good news is that it is free for you to use. I am a big believer in the growth of a practice being completely powered by a pipeline of prospects. For many firms, a pipeline list can consist of the names of friends of friends, like Steve’s dad, Adam’s friend and very little else.

Qualify Your Pipeline

The pipeline that I refer to really qualifies, prioritises and values the work that you have in the pipeline. We can deal with the prospect in the following ways:-

• The grade of the potential you think they are
• The value of the work
• The type of work
• The probability or likelihood of winning the work
• What you need to do to increase the probability of winning the work

Then we will have next actions and deadlines to follow.

So you can sort and organise all of that information to know who to work on first, where to employ your chargeable time for the greatest returns in the shortest timetables possible.

I have a free download available of a very simple spreadsheet to use to get you started. You can download your copy as part of the course entitled, “Your New Client Pipeline” (no strings attached)

Click Here to Download the Spreadsheet

Scroll down until you see the “Free Trail” and click on that. You'll create a free account on our site, but it is totally free.


So, whether you use my pipeline template, a CRM program or some other method to track your pipeline, it's what will drive your practice growth and allows you to forecast your income proactively. Very few firms have got round to doing this. So, if you want to be ahead of the competition, implement this method.

Please share your results when you do! I'd love to hear about it. Just comment below.

Author: Martin Bissett

Martin Bissett is a premiere level consultant, author, and keynote speaker for the accounting profession worldwide. He founded the Upward Spiral Partnership Ltd., a UK-based consulting firm that specializes in implementation of business development and leadership skills for superior quality accounting professionals. Browse Martin's courses OR